Kala Sadhanalaya- an institution dedicated to the training and performance of Bharathanatyam in the Melattur style- Founded by Smt. Revathi Ramachandran.

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Kala Sadhanalaya has been in the forefront of education and training in Bharatanatyam and has brought out many students who have benefitted greatly by the cultural knowledge which has been imparted to them.

Founded in 1987, the school has grown in number, and in talent, training dancers from across the seas as well.

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Our Mission

The institution aims at imparting holistic knowledge of Bharathanatyam and domains associated with art, culture and education.

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Jagat Pāvanī Gangā

“Jagat Pāvanī Gangā” is a beautifully artistically woven, dance- music- theatre presentation that essays the glory of Uttar Ganga. 60 artists have come together for this cause. The presentation portrays the glory of Ganga, her descent to earth, people along her banks, their song and dance as well as the atrocities that are heaped on her. The focus of the program is to sensitize people and create a movement towards preservation of Ma Ganga.

This has the blessing of Pujya Swami Dayananda Saraswati of Arsha Vidya Gurukalam. We premiered this production in Chennai with 1500 witnessing it.