Bharatha Natyam

Bharathanatyam may described as the resplendent gem adorning the crown of Indian Culture.

There are several classical dance styles practiced in India of these, Bharathanatyam, the pride of the Southern State of Tamil Nadu, is perhaps the most aesthetically and technically evolved.

This dance of South India came to be called Bharathanatyam, impliedly emphasizing the fact that it has maintained a continuous link with the ancient dance art, treated of in ‘Natya Sastra’ written by sage Bharatha.

Bharatha Natyam performance by the students of Kala Sadhanalaya.

It has two important facts: Nritta – the rhythmic and Nritya the emotionally expressive. The highly cultivated art of Bharathanatyam was developed and propagated in the sacred environment of the temples in South India thought the centuries.

Even today, it exudes a deeply spiritual and devotional aura. The songs are purely devotional love songs, the dancer being the devotee and God the beloved.

Bharathanatyam is not a mere entertainment, but a glorious art capable of taking human beings on to the path of divine consciousness.