The students of the institution are trained in Purna Vidya (a study of the spiritual and cultural heritage of India), Nattuvangam and theory of dance, to strengthen their understanding of this sacred art. Click here to enroll!

Several students have so far successfully completed their Arangetram. The Institution provides:

  • Training in Bharathanatyam
  • Training in Suddhanrittam- the temple dance form revived by Guru Mangudi Dorairaja Iyer.
  • Theme – based Choreography.
  • Solo & Group presentations.
  • Lecture ,demonstrations and workshops in Bharathanatyam &Suddha Nrittam.
  • Training in Nattuvangam – Conducting a dance program.
  • Training in Carnatic music.
  • Study of the theory of Bharathanatyam.
  • Study of cultural and spiritual heritage of India.