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“Revathi’s performance displayed to the fullest extent, the understated elegance and firm footwork that are a part of every move and emotion in the Melattur style of Bharatanatyam that Mangudi Dorairaja Iyer has propagated.”  in Deccan Chronicle by Mahati Rao N. Read more  

“The dancer exerted herself well, her long-limbs accentuating the lines; especially notable was the ‘thalangu’ jump that ended in a muzhu mandi.” in The Hindu by Rupa Srikanth. Read more

“In her rhythmic tempo, discreet emotive expressions and her dress design, the well-respected Bharatanatyam artist and teacher communicated a refined sense of the traditional form of the art.” in The Hindu by Vidya Saranyan. Read more

“Conscientious and painstaking, Revathi Ramachandran can serve as a poster figure for good footwork, consistent araimandi and enjoyable nritta passages.” in The Hindu by Rupa Srikanth. Read more

“A level headed adherence to the lines of nritta and sober dissertation of ideas were the high points of Revathi Ramachandran’s recital” in The Hindu by Rupa Srikanth. Read more

“The Ishwara or Brahman as an imaginary cosmic wheel (BrahmaatmaCakram) brings forth the whole cyclic changes with trigunatmika-maya as material cause was choreographed and depicted by Revathi splendidly.” in the Aarsha Vidya Newsletter. Read more

Brahmatma Chakram #1 

Brahmatma Chakram #2




Laya Nirupanam

Armenia Tour

Daayinee #1

Daayinee #2

Om Saravana Bhava 


Aayar Kula Thilakam 

Lakshmi Vaibhavam

Bharata Natyam, Kuchipudi, Mohiniattam


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