Revathi Ramachandran

Versatility, talent and inspiration rarely find a home together and when they do, they form an artist of caliber that can be neither measured nor expressed. Revathi Ramachandran, dancer, choreographer and teacher is one whose life is an odyssey through dance and its myriad beauties.

Her artistic talent was discovered by the great Guru Mangudi Dorairaja Iyer, a Maestro of the Melattur style of Bharathanatyam, and the visionary who revived the Suddha Nrittam to make it his principal legacy to his student, Revathi.

Revathi’s performances in India as well as the U.S.A, Canada, U.K., France, Singapore, Italy and Malaysia have received great appreciation. She has assisted many scholars including Musicologist T.S.Parthasarathy,

Dr.Arudra and Dr.Nagaswamy by demonstrating Suddha Nrittam and Thiru Tala Jathi. Granted a fellowship by the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Revathi has done research on the Bhagavatha Mela tradition with specific reference to Pravesha Daru in Bhagavatha Mela Natakam.

She is the Advisory Council member of the IDA (International Dance Alliance) which interacts with artistes from across the Globe. Revathi has coordinated the production of a CD-ROM ‘Bharatanatyam’ apart from choreographing and directing the tele-serials- ‘Deiveega Tirumanangal’, ‘Kodhai Paadiya Paavai’ and ‘Gnaana Parambarai’

Revathi has, over the years travelled far and wide in the realm of Bharathanatyam, exploring its vastness and its exclusive niches, guided by various gurus, including Dr. Padma Subrahmanyam.

Revathi Ramachandran, Bharatha Natyam performance at Indian Fine Arts

Her foray into dance was further enriched by her training in Nattuvangam under Guru Bhagavatulu Sitarama Sharma, in Veena under Smt. Kalpagam Swaminathan and in Kuchipudi under the renowned Guru Vempati Chinna Satyam.

As she pursued her desire to master the art, recognition, critical acclaim and awards have sought her out. She was recognized as the best dancer in the “Spirit of Youth” festival conducted by The Music Academy, Madras.

She has many awards to her name, including ‘Nadana Mamani’, ‘Yuva Kala Bharathi’, ‘Isai Kalai Chelvar’, ‘Vani Kala Sudhakara’ and ‘Natya Kala Sikhamani’.

She was awarded “Arsha Kala Bhushanam by Pujya Swami Dayananda Saraswathy.

Her flair for investing all that she does-be it pure dance, abhinaya, or lecture demonstrations-with a natural grace, her total dedication to the art form she Champions, and her ability to listen and learn have all blended to make Revathi the perfect artiste she is today.


Revathi has taken up the position of Director of Kalakshetra Foundation in May 2018